Monday, August 19, 2013


Hello to all of you who still read this blog despite nothing new showing up here. I know I have been absent but i have been very busy trying to stay up on life :) You know the usual, and spending any free time with my family and attempting to keep up on my usual shows. Yes some Doctor Who, and believe it or not I have just started watching the 4 episode of the first season. I have been assured that it does get much better, and we will see :) So what i would like to say is that I will be completely redoing this blog and erasing some of the previous posts. If you wish for your favorite posts to remain here please leave a comment for your your fav. post. Well the best of wishes to all of you who remain faithful readers of this blog as we work towards the goal of honoring our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ :)


  1. Well at this rate, you'll be done with the first season (starting in 05 that is) before next Easter! ;)

  2. Game night and the first volleyball game. :)

  3. You should post again soon. Your posts were always really good.


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